Bise Harvest Festival 2016

It is a story of Biseong-ku Honorable Festival from September 7th to 15th, although it has passed a lot! The other day the event which has long passed successfully, In addition, I feel that I feel deeply in the next 4 years. Is not it a tasteful atmosphere? Young people focused on this harvest festival, Day and night, I was practicing Bishos famous stick techniques, Acer, dancing, and dancing. According to Ozzie, in the past hundreds of young people seemed to practice together, “That was good, I was drinking while doing it.” And I was indulging in the feeling that I do not know the purpose well (· ω ·…

Okinawa Traditional Karatedo

The Wang Society (Okinawa Traditional Karatedo Kobayashi Street / Old Martial Arts Federation World Wang Society) all came for meal from France! Karate lovers who are said to have over 50 million people in the world. Many experts visit Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate, every year from overseas. When thinking that this Okinawa is the center of international exchange as “the land of admiration” It makes me feel happy somehow. Everyone please try your best! Please come again!


Mr. Moko of “Hello” musician (Hatami music couple) ‘s Ai Mok came to the Churaumi Cafe! Hurser and Okinawa means “people who haunt the field” ♪ It is wonderful to make music while making vegetables! And, Mr. Moko (Tomoko Hasegawa) enjoyed the handmade Zenzai of the Churaumi Cafe, I got a sign with a complete illustration! I’m happy ~! It is! Zenzai of Churaumi Cafe (this is brown sugar). Fans who are visiting for the awaited jumps are rapidly increasing ♪ Because I live in Ogimi village near Bise, this time I will visit with my husband Tomofukui Airo and sign it to the vacant place! We are waiting for…

Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival 2016 Firework Display

Fireworks display that you visited headquarters to more than 45,000 people! Thanks to you, I was able to finish the event successfully! There were lots of reflection points as a store due to the rush of orders, but I was able to see a lot of smiles and it was a very delightful day! Next year, I hope to be able to share inspiration and joy by devising measures so that the staff will be able to watch fireworks together. The people who visited, the staff who helped the store. I appreciate everyone!

WARUMI of Bise

Recently, it is said that a giant farmer’s grandfather is in trouble asking the way. “What’s wrong?” When asked “You can not have sea-babies around there.” (I can not put a toilet there) It seems to be said. It is a penalty. Recently it seems that “Walmi” has become known as a power spot, More than being able to ask the way “I want to go to Walmi” has increased. Certainly, it is in a difficult place to understand. When you go down the road like Tropical country, a space surrounded by huge rocks appears, Walmi where a fresh wind blows through. Because I can teach you how to go…

Wedding Photo

After the wedding at the beautiful designer’s chapel, Walk for Bise Fukugi Namiki ♪ With a beautiful bride dressed in a red dress A brilliant bridegroom came to play (* ‘ω `*) For some reason the staff did not catch up Thank you very much for your blissfulness of happy aura ☆ 彡 A couple of Koreans came and friends (* ^^ *) After shooting wedding photos at the Churaumi cafe, We came together for the evening meal together! Hope you will all be happy forever! It is!

On the vernal equinox, on consecutive holidays

Tomorrow is the day of the vernal equinox! Today is the first day of consecutive holidays, so I am busy! Okinawa soba (soaki), birds with bones, including birds, Thank you for your lot order ♪ If the order is paragraph and trying to take Kei-chan (picture right) Sasachi! I ran away (; ‘· ω ·)   Unfortunately it is a cloudy day, but it is moist and easy to walk. As the tomorrow’s spring equinox seems to be sunny, ♪ I can enjoy the beautiful sea ♪ Why do not you take a walk on Bise Fukugi Namiki on the spring equinox day, which is also a day to honor…