Bise Harvest Festival 2016

It is a story of Biseong-ku Honorable Festival from September 7th to 15th, although it has passed a lot!
The other day the event which has long passed successfully,
In addition, I feel that I feel deeply in the next 4 years.



Is not it a tasteful atmosphere?

Young people focused on this harvest festival,
Day and night, I was practicing Bishos famous stick techniques, Acer, dancing, and dancing.

According to Ozzie, in the past hundreds of young people seemed to practice together,
“That was good, I was drinking while doing it.”
And I was indulging in the feeling that I do not know the purpose well (· ω · `)

I think that there is also an aspect as promotion of regional industry,
More than anything, everyone living here is lively,
We will enrich bise in the future and increase young generation.

I hope to expand that feeling and realize it.