Mr. Moko of “Hello” musician (Hatami music couple) ‘s Ai Mok came to the Churaumi Cafe!

Hurser and Okinawa means “people who haunt the field” ♪
It is wonderful to make music while making vegetables!

And, Mr. Moko (Tomoko Hasegawa) enjoyed the handmade Zenzai of the Churaumi Cafe, I got a sign with a complete illustration! I’m happy ~! It is!

Zenzai of Churaumi Cafe (this is brown sugar). Fans who are visiting for the awaited jumps are rapidly increasing ♪

Because I live in Ogimi village near Bise, this time I will visit with my husband Tomofukui Airo and sign it to the vacant place!

We are waiting for you to come and visit!